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Support us Project by Holding a Fundraising Event
If your community or school or group is able to hold a fundraising event in support of the Yatra Nepal, we would be very grateful. Please contact us so that we can provide you with more information and photos. Previous fundraising events include: a band festival, a concert, presentation at schools.

Support us by volunteering to sell Nepali Handicrafts
As a means to provide self-sustaining funding for Yatra Nepal, a business has been started selling bulk orders of Nepali handicrafts. If you are interested in volunteering your time to sell these products in your neighborhood or to businesses in your country we can provide you with samples, a color chart and a price list. Please contact us for details.


All those who want to motivate others to participate in addition to their own contribution, find here proven ideas as inspiration for their own actions.
Start your private fundraiser: You have a special occasion, would like to give up gifts and instead give others? With education, you strengthen the self-confidence of children and create the opportunity for change. Mobilize human resources through your donation. We gladly support you in your project.

Actions for schools and clubs

You want to get involved with your club, your class or the whole school?
To help one must act! We accompany you with information on the development project.

Company Engagement | “Donations instead of gifts”

Are you already thinking about possible Christmas presents to your customers and business partners? Give a child a future, care and education. With a donation, you are committed to the future prospects of disadvantaged children in one of the poorest countries in Asia and show social responsibility. If you have questions about possibilities of company engagement, we are happy to be there for you.