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Sponsor a Nepali Child’s Education

Please consider giving a Nepali child an education and the unimagined opportunities that come with it.

You can sponsor a child and make it possible for her/him to acquire all her/his basic rights like proper food, safe shelter, quality education and educational materials, clothing and access to medical care and above all you help them to rebuild their lives.

You can sponsor the child with any amount you wish. Please write to us and we will plan further together with you for your sponsorship of the child.

When you sponsor a child from Yatra Nepal, the organization selects the child for the sponsor. First priority is given to those children who are orphans and vulnerable. The name and the background of the child along with an acknowledgment letter will be sent when your sponsorship begins.

While we are trying to give the best, we will definitely appreciate your support through sponsoring a child or children. Our children deserve a better tomorrow and you can help us achieve that.
Your sponsorship is highly appreciated and it will certainly make a difference in their lives.