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Grade 12 result 2019

We are very happy for our first batch children Anu and Anil; they have passed their higher secondary education (10+2) and we are very proud of them.
Anu has passed with B grade and has joined Bachelor degree in business studies.
Anil has passed with C grade and looking forward to go abroad for further studies.
We wish them best wishes for their future endeavours.

Again our first batch Prakash has scored outstanding marks with 73.38% in 2nd semester exam, his 3rd Semester result will be out in the near future. Prakash is studying Diploma in Civil Engineering (CTEVT) 2nd Year.

Music for Education Fundraising in Germany and Switzerland

Yatra Nepal and its supporters could raise funds through the benefit events Music For Education for Yatra Nepal Children Home held in Germany and Switzerland from 27th August- 9th September 2019.
We would like to thank especially Eva Dorpinghaus, Achim Zimmermann and Stefan Truffer for your hard work and continued support to make this happen.
The funds raised from the benefit events of Music For Education are:
Eva Dorpinghaus, Achim Zimmermann ( Freising): € 1299
Jimmy’s Café(Landshut): € 150
Berchtesgaden: € 190
Stefan Truffer(Brig): CHF 1427
€ 60
Total: € 1699 and CHF 1427
The fund raised from the benefit will be used for the school education, healthcare, fooding and living, and overall development of our children for the year 2019.

1st Term Exam results 2019

All of our children except Anu has passed the 1st term exam 2019.

Asbin, Birman and Ganesh were awarded with the prizes for securing 2nd, 2nd and 3rd position in their classes respectively.

Yatra Nepal is focused for the improvement of Anu’s studies in the upcoming exams.

SEE Results 2019

A proud moment for all of us! Congratulations to our boys for passing the SEE exam with good grades.
Resham (GPA)= A+ and Krishna (GPA)= B+
We are also very grateful to all our supporters for their continued support to make this happen which would not have been possible without your helping hands.

Secondary Education Examination (SEE) (previously known as SLC) is Grade 10 examination and one of the most important examinations of Nepal. It is a form of evaluation that determines what courses students are able to choose for their higher studies according to their SEE grades. It marks the bridge between school and college.
The SEE examination was held from March 25, 2019 to April 24, 2019. The total number of students who participated in the SEE examination were 4,75,003 students. In comparison, the male students were 2,36,445 whereas the female students were 2,38,558.

Resham and Krishna are admitted to college (10+2) for Business Management studies.

Music For Education project in Germany and Switzerland

Yatra Nepal was able to raise € 2549/-, CHF 750/- and $ 2,000/- for our Children Home from the benefit music events in Germany and Switzerland from 24th March-3rd April 2019.
We would like to thank all the helping hands for their huge efforts and supports for making a difference in our children’s life.

Yatra Nepal family would like to thank Eva Dorpinghaus, Achim Zimmermann, Thilo Held, Christa Held, Anton Held, Soul Connection, Wolf Dieter Kurz, Hartmans Café, Bernd Bantele, Dariusz Knitter, Jimmy’s Café, Guenter Janovsky, Gurupemo, Jazz Club Hirsch, Robert Bucherl, Martina Kreitmeier, Christine Fobmeier and Moosburger Zeitung from Germany and Suma, Pascal Gamboni, Raphael Zurcher, Everyday Just A Smile, Lex, Walliser Seema, Between The Wood, Truffesque, Wolf Wohlwend, Markus Puppato, Jule Puppato from Switzerland for your generous contributions to make this possible.

The fund raised from the benefit will be used for the school education, healthcare, fooding and living, and overall development of our children to prepare them for their future in an enabling environment.

School Inter-house dance competition

Our children participated in the Inter-house dance competition in school and were successful to win the prizes. The Inter-house competition are organised in school on a regular basis in every academic year.