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Music for Education Fundraising in Germany and Switzerland

Yatra Nepal and its supporters could raise funds through the benefit events Music For Education for Yatra Nepal Children Home held in Germany and Switzerland from 27th August- 9th September 2019.
We would like to thank especially Eva Dorpinghaus, Achim Zimmermann and Stefan Truffer for your hard work and continued support to make this happen.
The funds raised from the benefit events of Music For Education are:
Eva Dorpinghaus, Achim Zimmermann ( Freising): € 1299
Jimmy’s Café(Landshut): € 150
Berchtesgaden: € 190
Stefan Truffer(Brig): CHF 1427
€ 60
Total: € 1699 and CHF 1427
The fund raised from the benefit will be used for the school education, healthcare, fooding and living, and overall development of our children for the year 2019.